Ukrtatnafta check in the case of embezzlement in the Private

Укртатанафту проверят по делу о хищениях в Привате

The investigation continues into the theft of the largest Bank of Ukraine

The company was suspected of involvement in the embezzlement in the Bank.

The state fiscal service was asked to conduct an unscheduled inspection Ukrtatnafta for nine years on charges of embezzlement of funds in PrivatBank. The corresponding decision was made by Pechersky court of Kiev in the investigation of the Prosecutor General.

The court ordered the SFS to verify the timeliness and completeness of payment of taxes and fees, as well as compliance with requirements of currency legislation in the financial and economic relations with counterparties for the period from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2016. Thus the court has satisfied the petition of the Prosecutor General, who claimed that among the legal entities participating in the scheme transformation of the credit portfolio of PrivatBank there are Ukrtatnafta.

In particular, according to the investigation, from October 20 to 22 November 2016, just before the nationalization of financial institutions, PrivatBank issued 36 loans to legal entities totaling 126,9 billion. These funds are not delayed in accounts receivable, and was immediately transferred to the account of repayment of loans 193 other legal entities, which was issued by PrivatBank informed. That’s just among the 193 companies listed Ukrtatnafta, the property of which this method was derived from the collateral, because the loan was repaid by the guarantor.

As reported, the Pechersky regional court of Kiev in the matter of embezzlement of funds from PrivatBank arrested the property of the Ordzhonikidze mining and processing plant, Nikopol Ferroalloy plant, Marganets GOK and Dniproazot.