“Ukrzaliznytsya” provides the metallurgical companies fleet of only 15%, – “Ukrmetallurgprom”

At the end of the second decade of November 2016 provision of mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine fleet of a transport logistics Centre (TLC), a member of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” was only about 15%, is spoken in the message of Association of Enterprises “Ukrmetallurgprom” reports uaprom.info.

“As a result of check it is established that in the second decade of November of current year the level of the supply wagons of the steel industry is 15% (in the past decade only 9%, so progress is being made, but to the target of 30% of far)”, – stated in the document.

“Radical improvement of the situation with providing mining companies with a sufficient number of wagons has not been – like, metallurgists, as always, are at the end of the list of priorities of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, despite the still high importance of the sector for the Ukrainian economy”, – emphasized in a business combination.

“Ukrmetallurgprom” also notes that ongoing anti-corruption campaign, aimed at equitable distribution of wagons “Ukrzaliznytsia” for metallurgical enterprises.

Within it is controlled by the percentage of shipments of raw materials and products of mining and metallurgical complex in the gondola tstl, which is a division of ULTRASOUND and how this percentage is satisfactory for metallurgists. Control is carried out every 10 days, the results are communicated to the public. The level of filings for all shippers of the gondola cars fleet tstl exceed 30% (and for some separate, private companies – 90…95%).

“Not so long ago the head of the transportation monopoly Wojciech Balczun said that his Department plans in mid-December to test the automated distribution of empty cars – unfortunately, only part of the hoppers and boxcars.

The main purpose of the system, according to V. Balcone, is “leveling the notorious human factor” – in other words, in order to overcome corruption, which is now based algorithm for the distribution of cars. Left to wait for the realization of this goal in life”, – underlined in the message.

“However, nothing prevents the BONDS to provide 30% of shipments of mining companies (which, in fact, not so much), a Park under the management of CTL already now, without waiting for implementation of the new distribution system of gondolas. As these cars, apparently, still working very well on “more profitable” directions”, – emphasized in “Ukrmetallurgprom”.