Ultras Croatia and Ukraine have agreed on non-aggression

Ультрас Украины и Хорватии договорились о ненападении

Ukraine’s national team travels to Croatia

Qualifying match for the 2018 world Cup between the national teams of Croatia and Ukraine should pass without conflict.

Ukrainian ultras have agreed with Croatian fans that they will not attack each other during head to heads of teams in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup. Under this statement was signed by ultras Dynamo, Dnipro, Metalist, Chornomorets, the Carpathians and the Kiev CSKA.

“At the moment, reached a preliminary agreement with Croatian fans of different clubs of non-aggression in this field, for us the match. The initiative came from our side and Croatian fans supported it,” reads the announcements on the page of ultras Dynamo in Facebook.

Ультрас Украины и Хорватии договорились о ненападении

“War in the Balkans in the 90-ies and the events of recent years in Ukraine is very similar. That is why the number of volunteers from Croatia, who are now fighting in the East of Ukraine, one of the largest among European countries. For us, Ukrainian fans, there are more important things subcultural confrontations. We have nothing to “share” with the Croats. During the return match of our teams, which will take place in Ukraine, we will do our best from our side to make fans from Croatia we have passed in a positive atmosphere and without incident”, – is written in the statement.

The ultras urged fans to respect the local residents and not to create conflicts. There was also a request to other Croatian fans to be understanding to the situation.

The match between Croatia and Ukraine will take place on 24 March in Zagreb.

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