Ultras Dynamo will arrange an unusual performance at the match against Vorskla

Ультрас Динамо устроят необычный перфоманс на матче с Ворсклой

Ultras Dynamo

Organised supporters of Dinamo are planning to make a “Shizu crazy in the style of the Argentinian Barra patatas bravas“.

“The match against Vorskla is the last homework in this season and we have Shizu in the crazy style of the Argentine Barra patatas bravas.

Come and tear at all! To ensure that everything went as it should, introduce you to some of the points:

The sector will not charge and will run for a maximum non-stop and songs!

– The appearance should correspond to the Argentine style, so don’t wear your brigade, or caroilne branded t-shirts, or jerseys kanguruh. But come in the whole club: t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, etc. Year, the quality, the size of your dress does not matter, the simpler, the better! Wear simple shorts, sportivki, Panama, black glasses. Mike-drunk or plain white t-shirt is exactly what you need.

– Do not take the game rose.

– Do not take the game their brigade banners – sector would be handled in a special way. But try to find your old banner which you once drew by hand, and now put in the closet or gave up on the mezzanine, and all this time were ashamed of them to hang. For this game they are just right! Note – not permitted printed banners, only matchlock. Will be the control.

– Argentine in the stands quite often you can see such things as parasols in the colors of the club, balloons or interstice (inflatable plastic sticks to create noise). What to do with all this? To pick up and swing to the rhythm of the drum!

– The charges, the motives, the manner of drivel and behavior will be directed to a specific group of people – join and do not stick! We rock out and have fun on our leisure – no time picking his nose and witty to discuss the transfer of emerald lawn.

– Celebrate goals as if Dinamo wins at least in the Champions League final!”, reads the ad in the group ultras Dinamo on Facebook.

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