UN asks Ukraine to change the results of pensions to immigrants

ООН просит Украину изменить выдачу пенсий переселенцам

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Immigrants are re-checking while the rest of the citizens of Ukraine are not subject to them.

The office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees advocates for the abolition of the binding receiving pensions and social payments to registration as an internal migrant. This was during a briefing in Kiev on Tuesday, 8 August, said the Deputy head of the UN Agency for refugees Noel Calhoun.

According to her, re-checking immigrants for payment of pensions and siperia is a sign of hostility on the part of Ukraine.

She noted that it is necessary to simplify the procedure for appointment payments to the displaced.

“It is necessary to simplify the procedures for the appointment of payments to the displaced to internally displaced persons are not discriminated against in access to aid,” said Calhoun.

We will remind, as of April 3, accounted for 1.6 million people or 1.3 million families from Crimea and Donbas.