UN: In the Donbas chemical threat because of the attacks

ООН: На Донбассе химическая угроза из-за обстрелов

The UN say chemical threat because of the attacks

In Organizations fear the battles that are near large chemical enterprises.

UN experts issued a report which says about a possible chemical threat in the Donbas.

“Now the fighting is in towns close to industrial centers, so grows the threat of falling into the enterprise, with the result that there can be serious consequences for those who live nearby,” said the special Rapporteur of the UN Basket Tunjuk.

According to him, February 24, was shot at the vault, where more than 7 tons of chlorine gas. Tuncak, said that the containers were not injured. However, he warned that in case of damage to at least one 900-pound container, it would have killed everything within a radius of 200 meters, and those who are found within 2.4 kilometers, would have received serious damage to health.

In the case of considerable damage, for 24 hours it would be necessary to carry out the evacuation of people living within a radius of 7.4 kilometers in the direction of the wind,” – said Tundak.

In the UN statement did not specify a name or storage location of chlorine.

Earlier in the OSCE stated that since the beginning of the year in the Donbass killed 16 civilians.

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