Under Ishmael detained 15 illegal immigrants from Asia

Под Измаилом задержали 15 нелегалов из Азии

The detained illegal immigrants

According to detainees found that four of them are citizens of Pakistan and 11 in Bangladesh.

Near the checkpoint Reni to the Ukrainian-Moldovan border on Tuesday, the Izmail border detachment detained 15 illegal immigrants from South Asian countries.

It is reported by the state border service on Wednesday, September 19.

“That to frontier delivered two vans to the Ukrainian register a group of foreigners, border guards told local residents. At the time of detention of the documents proving their identity, they did not provide. In the future, according to detainees found that four of them are citizens of Pakistan and 11 in Bangladesh”, – stated in the message.

At survey of personal belongings, six of Bangladeshis found passport documents, but they all turned out to have problems with the border and migration legislation of Ukraine.

“Now for violating the rules of stay in Ukraine to foreigners compiled by the relevant protocols. Drivers compiled procedural documents. Ongoing verification activities”, – said the guards.

Earlier in the Sumy region pohranice detained a citizen of Moldova, which was carrying illegal immigrant in the trunk of a car. It also turned out to be a Moldovan.

It was also reported that in Kharkov, arrested 30 illegal immigrants from Vietnam. It was mostly young people aged 18 to 25 years, of which 17 women.

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