Under Khmelnytsky mass poisoning of schoolchildren

Под Хмельницким массовое отравление школьников

The poisoning occurred in a school in Khmelnytsky

Twelve children were hospitalized, two of being treated on an outpatient basis.

Skypche in the village of Khmelnytskyi region there was a mass poisoning among schoolchildren, reports the UNIAN with reference to the state foods and consumer service.

There have been 14 cases of acute intestinal infection among the students skypchans’ka comprehensive school of I-II degree Gorodotskogo district of Khmelnitsky region.

With a diagnosis of acute intestinal infection of moderate severity, 12 children were hospitalized in the infectious Department CRH Gorodets, and two are in outpatient treatment.

In the course of unscheduled inspection of the school found that students ate in the dining room, which is only one chef, which is for washing dishes and cleaning the canteen alternately help the technical school staff. The supply of food in educational institution is only 2 times a month (the organizer of the food it turns out).

Anti-epidemic measures are continuing.

We will remind, in Lviv region there was a mass poisoning of fish.