Under Mariupol local MP was put on the circuit the worker

Под Мариуполем местный депутат посадил на цепь своего работника

The victim is 32-year-old Ilya Orlov hospitalized

The prisoner claims that it was punishment for refusal to perform work, the employer – he had no other choice to subdue the drunken man.

In the village of Pokrovskoe Mongolskogo district, Donetsk region, the local MP, who is also the owner of the service station of the car, beaten, tied down by a chain and locked in the garage of his employee. About this in his story on Tuesday, April 10, according to the regional TV channel ТV7.

According to journalists, the cries for help were heard by a local resident passing by the garage on the bike. She called the police, who freed the prisoner.

Currently a resident of the village, 32-year-old Ilya Orlov admitted to a local hospital with a diagnosis of “bruised wound in the head, face, nose, lower lip, a chopped wound of the left Shin”.

According to the victim, he was on a chain as punishment for refusing to perform work – painting the car because he was busy performing another task. Journalists, he also said that the employer repeatedly beat the employees, and they were afraid to complain to him.

In turn, the police, commenting on the circumstances of the case, focused on the fact that the prisoner at the time of liberation was drunk.

“The police saw a man, whose hands and feet were bound with chain and adhesive tape. Besides, the man was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The villagers turned to his master and asked him to calm down. The man tied his friend and locked in the garage, explaining that he had no other choice,” he told police, adding that at the moment engaged in clarifying all circumstances of the case.

The head of area has promised to take the investigation of this case under his personal control and “do not allow to lower on brakes”.

We will remind, last year in the Baltsky region of Odessa region police exposed a family who for 14 years held in labor slavery of three people.

In Volhynia detained the man, sending slaves to the Belarusian farm


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