Under the arch of the bridge Kerch passed the first ship

Под аркой Керченского моста прошло первое судно

The first passage under the arch of the bridge Kerch

Under construction was the ship St. Alexius.

In the annexed Crimea under the railway arch bridge was the first ship. Online published a video of the pass.

Under the arch passed the ship St. Alexius under the flag of Russia, which followed from the Azov sea to the Black sea. Passing under the arch, the captain of the steamer gave the welcome signal.

As reported Корреспондент.netbefore it became known about installing arch on the Kerch bridge. In Russia it is known as a key construction event.

However, Russia for three days completely cut off shipping through the Strait of Kerch.

Recall, Ukraine will sue Russia over the bridge in the Crimea, since the Ukrainian ports suffer a substantial loss if this object will be completed. International arbitration will consider the dispute between Ukraine and Russia.