Under the Council brought together opponents and supporters of gay marriage

Под Радой собрались противники и сторонники гей-браков

Under the Council meeting

The police and the national guard soldiers in control of the picketers.

Wednesday, April 20, at the Verkhovna Rada gathered supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage, reports 112.Ukraine.

LGBT people under the Council not more than twenty. They are holding posters that “Families are different”, “destroy the Family violence, alcoholism and stupidity”, “We for power without homophobes”. They also periodically chanting, “Equal rights for all”.

Their opponents about seventy. The share of opponents of same-sex marriages is held under the slogan “don’t cut family.”

While both meetings take place peacefully. Picketers protected by the police and the national guard soldiers. On approach, they check bags for prohibited items.

As reported, the Cabinet plans to submit a bill to legalize same-sex marriages until 2018.