Under The Guise Of Ukraine. How trump uses Kyiv

Прикрываясь Украиной. Как Трамп использует Киев

Short-sighted actions of the Ukrainian politicians on the eve of presidential elections in the United States play against the country so far.

President Petro Poroshenko travels to Washington visit, the Kiev is U.S. Secretary of state and U.S. special representative for the conflict in the Donbass, but at the same time, the American administration directly accuses Kiev of meddling in the election.

The team of Donald trump pretty fed up with the accusations of ties with Russia and allegations of Moscow’s intervention on the side of the new President in the us election campaign.

On the relationship of the tramp with Russia to find new dirt. To fend him off in the White House has decided to help Ukraine.

However, Ukrainian politicians are to blame.

Statement From The White House

Earlier that representatives of the US Democratic party used the assistance of the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to collect compromising material against the team of trump and his political consultant Paul Manafort, in particular, wrote only the American press. Now this statement was made by the official White house.

Amid the scandal with the leak of information about the meetings of the son of Donald trump with representatives of Russia during the election campaign, Deputy press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders said: “If you are looking for an example of a campaign, coordinated by the foreign government or foreign source, please note on the Democratic national Committee, which in fact had cooperated with Ukraine in the fight against trump’s… It’s not an accusation. It is a proven action that they did.”

Segodnya made a statement the trump.

“Ukraine’s attempts to sabotage the campaign of trump “quietly worked to promote Clinton.” Where is the investigation of the attorney General?” – he wrote.

He added that the attorney General Jeff sessions took a very weak stance against the crimes of Clinton and leak Intel.

The Reaction Of Ukraine

The Embassy of Ukraine in the United States quickly denied the statement Sanders and trump.

“I responsibly declare that the Government of Ukraine did not help any of the candidates in the elections of 2016”, – stated in the message.

At the same time, the press service stressed that the Embassy is grateful to the United States for bipartisan support of Ukraine.

What does it mean?

“Team trump, patting on the shoulder of the Ukrainian President and foreign Minister in the White house, just uses our state, trying the topic of Ukrainian influences to repay another confusion,” – said the diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko.

Russian political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky believes that trump’s statement is taken as an attempt to divert public attention from other allegations waged against him, and any consequences those statements do not imply.

“Trump wakes up every morning around four a.m. and writes a dozen tweets. In America this are already humorous. Therefore, the situation with his accusations against the Ukraine should not be put to Kiev any image and reputational losses,” – said the analyst.

The analyst of the Kiev Institute of world politics Nicholas Beleskov believes that the US distinguish possible interference of the Ukraine from the fact that the Russian Federation made during the election campaign in the USA during 2016. “In other words, just put a sign of equality, as it is now trying to make the team American President, will not work”, – the expert believes.

It is unlikely that the charges against Ukraine to aid the opponents of Donald trump will become an instrument of political pressure on Kiev, says Beleskov. “The idea that accusations against Ukraine in assistance to the political opponents of Donald trump can be a tool of pressure on the issue of implementation of the Minsk agreements, demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of how international relations operate. It is unlikely that scandal, the epicenter of which Ukraine will have a negative impact on us policy toward our country. The counterattack by the team of the President of the United States in response to the scandal involving Donald trump, Jr., so, most likely, will remain only in the field of American domestic policy”, – says the expert.

However, political analyst on international Affairs Oleg Voloshin said that Ukraine, as a minimum, you should withdraw from Washington its Ambassador Valery Chaly, which discreditied this story.

“If the Ambassador Chalyi thought about Ukraine and not about yourself, then he would have already left home. If Poroshenko was thinking about Ukraine, not about the Vinnitsa community, Chaly’d have been gone long ago to a new position in Kiev. What raised this issue recently at the Senate hearings the author of the bill on new sanctions against Russia Lindsey Graham, one on Bankova street was not impressed. Wait the direct application of the trump and the call to the Prosecutor to investigate the Ukrainian intervention (Graham called to do it the FBI). Even Russia has changed the Ambassador, which became toxic, although he is in his office the dirt on John Podesta not passed”, – stressed Voloshin.