Under the lunar crater discovered an unknown substance

Под лунным кратером обнаружено неизвестное вещество

On the moon they found abnormal “tight spot” near the crater

Experts believe that this may be a “huge chunk of metal” from the asteroid, or dense oxides.

At Baylor University in Texas, scientists discovered under the largest crater on the moon abnormal substance. It is reported Phys.org.

Experts have found huge deposits of solid matter under one of the craters on the Earth’s satellite, whose width is 2000 km. They suggest that it may be deposits of metal from an asteroid that crashed into the moon.

Ancient cosmic body could crash into the surface of the moon and parts of it remained under the crater. Researchers using computer simulations have calculated that the metals from the core of the asteroid dissipated in the upper layer of the mantle of the moon. The size of dense “five times larger than the island of Hawaii”.

Also, experts believe that under the crater can be dense oxides, caked on for billions of years.

Yesterday it was reported that the Earth is approaching a large asteroid. It was also reported that NASA announced the price for space tourists for a month on the ISS.

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