Under the Ministry of health brought funeral wreaths

Под Минздрав принесли похоронные венки

Students brought wreaths under the Ministry of health

Medical students went on indefinite action. Their goal is to draw attention to the actions of the Ministry of health and its leaders.

Under the building of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Odessa national medical University brought funeral wreaths. Thus they are protesting against the reforms of the acting Minister Uliana Suprun and her deputies. On Wednesday, 16 January, reports Stopcar.

It is noted that in Kiev for an indefinite protest came 300 students, they were supported by representatives of medical Universities from Kiev and Odessa, as well as activists of public organizations, Stop corruption, Stop the illegal and the Protection of ordinary people.

“The office is headed by acting Minister of Ulyana Suprun actually destroys the UNIVERSITY. First, school has begun check of financial activity, a change of leadership, then the University has taken over the raiders, the rector occupied the so-called titushky. Meanwhile, the Ministry of health, despite the law on higher education and principles of self-government in educational institutions, began to appoint his people to perform the functions of the rector. While Suprun ignored not only the laws of Ukraine and the decision of the court, and attempts a legitimate government in support of state performers to get into the workplace generally called a hostile takeover attempt of the University”, – quotes the media students.

In the morning in front of the Ministry guard of the national guard.



Recall, 10 December, the Ministry of health announced the capture of Odessa national medical University by unknown persons. The police said that this information is not true.


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