Under the Ministry of interior removed the flowers and candles in memory of the Sheremeta

Под МВД убрали цветы и свечи в память о Шеремете

The wipers immediately washed away the inscription on the asphalt removed and brought flowers and candles

Near the building of the Ministry quickly washed off the reminder of the murder of the journalist, removed flowers and candles.

After the action dedicated to the anniversary of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet near the interior Ministry in Kiev, the wipers immediately washed away the inscription on the pavement “Who killed Paul?” and removed brought flowers and candles.

This was written by the journalist Elvin Seitalieva on his page on Facebook and released a video.

As you know, today, July 20, during the campaign to the anniversary of the murder of Pavel Sheremet, the column of participants marched from the scene of the murder of a journalist by presidential Administration and stopped at the walls of the interior Ministry. The protesters went representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko said that at the last press conference, law enforcers told about the murder Sheremet everything I could – then not allow the investigators to say anything. He also stated that the identities of the killers of journalists are not known.

A year ago Pavel Sheremet planted explosives under the car: he was killed from the explosion on the morning of 20 July in the center of Kiev. Neither the organizers nor the performers of the explosion is still not installed, but the consequence tends to the version about professional motives for the murder

Amnesty International, the EU Ambassador and other representatives of the West demand from the Ukrainian authorities in the shortest possible time to solve the murder Sheremet.

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