Under the Verkhovna Rada rally animal rights activists

Под Верховной Радой митингуют зоозащитники

The action of animal rights activists near the Parliament

The Parliament failed the law on strengthening of responsibility for cruelty to animals. Document received less than 200 votes.

Under walls of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, held a rally of animal rights activists in support of bill No. 6598, which essentially protects the rights of animals and increases penalties for elder abuse.

This is reported by the News on Tuesday, November 20.

Participants of the rally chanted: “Animals don’t talk – be their voice”, “Take away the circus, where animals are tortured”, “Pritravki entertainment for sadists” and “Hunting – killing for fun”.

According to activists, they have just 15 come under the walls of Parliament, demanding to protect the rights of animals.

Under the bill, criminal liability will involve individuals who are promoting cruelty to animals (calling for the poisoning and murder). It is also prohibited the disclosure of the killing of the animal, its promotion or advertising.

Additionally, there is a prohibition on the use in training animals of electric shock, fire, sharp objects, hunger, strikes and the begging with animals. Activists opposed to animal used as a means to earn money.

In turn, the Verkhovna Rada failed the law on strengthening of responsibility for cruelty to animals. For the adoption of the document, its submission to the Committee and the subject of legislative initiative voted less than 200 MPs.

We will remind, on 30 September in the centre of Kiev was a March for animal rights. In this nationwide campaign was attended by several thousand people. Activists have voiced eight of their demands.

Earlier, police detained near Kiev married couple suspected of zhivoderstvo and animal abuse. In the trunk of a car of the detainees were found the corpses of tortured dogs and cats.

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