Under Zaporozhye ex-ATU fighter threw a grenade at his brother

Под Запорожьем бывший боец АТО бросил гранату в своего брата

As a result of explosion there were no injuries. The police detained the attacker, the question on election of a preventive measure.

In Melitopol the Zaporozhye region during drinking of spirits between the brothers had a conflict. One of the family detonated a grenade. On Friday, August 17, the press service of the Channel region.

So, August 15, at about 15:00 in the Melitopol police Department received a report that the house on the street Academician Korolev explosion of unknown object. On the scene left the investigative team and specialists of explosive control.

It is established that during drinking of alcoholic drinks between brothers 1982 and 1978 there was a conflict. During a quarrel the eldest of the men came into the room a Junior, threw a grenade f-1 and fled the scene. As a result of explosion there were no injuries.

From the scene, law enforcement officers seized a metal part of the housing grenades f-1 and arm Fuze uzrgm. In addition, police found and seized one uzrgm, single tube to the f-1 grenade and explosive subject. The withdrawn is directed on research in Zaporizhia scientifically-research ekspertno-the criminalistic center.

It is also reported that on 17 August as a result of carrying out a complex quickly-search actions the staff of criminal police of the Melitopol police Department in conjunction with the Office of criminal investigation GUNP established location and detained the suspect. It is established that the malefactor is a former member of the ATO. Currently the question on election of a preventive measure.

Continues investigation of criminal proceedings opened on the grounds of part 1 of article 15 (attempted crime) and part 2 St. 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.



Earlier in Ivano-Frankivsk region, the military threw a grenade into a crowd of people, nine people were injured.

Also in the Sumy region drunken soldier threw a grenade into the house.


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