Underground found mysterious creatures

Под землей нашли загадочных существ

At a depth of more than 600 meters underground found life

Living beings found at a depth of 613 metres and live without oxygen and light.

In Spain a group of scientists found in the rock samples extracted from the deep wells of living beings. It is reported by Science Alert.

The researchers found that photosynthetic cyanobacteria living without oxygen and sun. Previously, scientists believed that it was impossible.

The find was discovered on the rock mined at a depth of 613 metres. Cyanobacteria, also called blue-green algae, could exist without sunlight and oxygen for photosynthesis. As being able to adapt in such circumstances, scientists still can not understand.

Под землей нашли загадочных существ

Photo: medicalxpress.com

Finds belong to the genera Calothrix, Chroococcidiopsis and Microcoleus.

Presumably the algae were able to change the photosynthesis in the oxidation of hydrogen. Such a mechanism has already been observed in some cyanobacteria, but was considered an auxiliary, not a full-fledged alternative energy source.

Previously, scientists found the remains of the oldest creatures on Earth, living in the period 635 for 542 million years ago. The Correspondent also wrote that plants have an analogue of the nervous system

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