Unfulfilled plans. I wanted to build before the war

Несбывшиеся планы. Что хотели построить до войны

Sport centres and road – building which fell in Ukraine.

Before the revolution, and the war in the Donbas in Ukraine were the ambitious plans for the construction of infrastructure facilities.

The country was scheduled to hold a European Championship in basketball in 2015, and Ukraine is going to submit a bid to host the Winter Olympic games in 2022.

Under these projects are not only planned mass construction.

Correspondent.net has gathered information about the unrealized Ukrainian construction sites.

Kiev without another Mall

The construction of the shopping center, which was to become the largest in the country – “the Republic” in the District, with a huge roller coaster, Ferris wheel and other amusement rides frozen.

With “Republic” was due weight plans. In addition to the shopping centre, it was planned to open a residential area, let him a new metro line to open next to new bus station.

Несбывшиеся планы. Что хотели построить до войны

SEC Republic

At the moment, all the construction stopped and the unfinished shopping center is located in the pledge.

Frozen also another big project – the construction of the country’s first innovation Park Bionic Hill.

Tolerated and the opening of one of the most anticipated fashion capital shopping centres Kiev E95 Outlet Centre.

Also, forgot in the capital and plans to build a new ring road.

For Eurobasket 2015 have been fully reconstruct the Kiev Palace of Sports to build another sports Palace near the bus station.

The West without the Olympics

In November 2013, Ukraine has applied to host the Olympics-2022 in Lviv.

In Lviv was planned to build a big Ice Palace winter sports.

Несбывшиеся планы. Что хотели построить до войны


The Olympic village was planned to be built in Lviv, Tisovec.

“Snow infrastructure” would be built in Tysovets, Panasivka and Borzhava -villages of Lviv and Transcarpathian regions, located in 150-190 km from the city.

Officially, the budget of the competition has not yet spoken, but previously voiced figure of $ 10 billion.

The repairs in the Donbass

By 2016 in Donetsk was planned to build a monorail Skytrain. It was planned that the ground station will be built for the money, “uz” with the following compensation from the state budget.

It is also planned the construction of a new sports complex “Kalmius arena” on 16 thousand places.

In the village of olenivka, Donetsk region, on the highway Mariupol – where recently killed people planned to create the region’s first Golf club “Euro Golf”.

The center of Lugansk also wanted to fix.