Unification day: the flags of Ukraine from the Crimea and Lugansk

День соборности: флаги Украины у Крыма и Луганска

The celebration of the day of unification in Ukraine to 2018

To the day of Unification on January 22 across all Ukraine rallies. On the bridge Paton in Kiev has created a human chain, and the Ukrainian flag was deployed on the border with the Crimea and sent into the sky over Lugansk.

In Kiev on the bridge Paton activists created a human chain of Unity. Two columns of people on different sides of the Dnieper river came together in the middle of the bridge. Some of them brought the painting is blue, second yellow and created a 30-meter flag of United Ukraine.

This action symbolized the unification of the Western and Eastern parts of the country.

The activists sang the national anthem and paid tribute to the fallen ATO soldiers with a minute of silence.


A huge Ukrainian flag to the 99-th Day of unity deployed on the border with the Crimea. Activists gathered in Armyansk.

Rose blue and yellow flag over the occupied territory of the Luhansk region. To launch into the sky, Ukrainian flag, in the Village of Lugansk gathered fighters of VSU and local schoolchildren. They inflated large balloons in yellow, blue and white, to join them for the cloth size 6 to 11 meters.

Flag specially made by volunteers from the Donetsk region. The wind carried the symbol of United Ukraine in the direction of Lugansk. It was solemnly accompanied by the national anthem and applause.


Earlier, the Correspondent reported that at the Paton bridge in Kiev drove an armored car.