Unique in the world of children

В мире уникальных детей

Why is autism referred to as special — what are they doing differently than other children? How they live and what do you feel?

Thanks to the stories told by the doctor, you can look at the world of these unusual children, where everything is different. About his experience told us Stanislav Gaponov, destinology medical network “Dobrobut”.

When you love your work

What a person experiences when his office is visited daily by children with their small and large problems? I still realize that a doctor’s work is very serious and scary. But I found a tool to learn all the time.

I remember how my colleagues and I visited a psychological center, which deals with the problems of autistic children. The evening came, everybody was tired, but I still could not leave, continued to ask questions, to wonder. I quietly pushed, like, it’s time already… But I felt it was my niche, and wanted to understand it to the end… Now I am very glad that Dobrobut mn work with people who are not indifferent to the subject of autism.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine, children with autism do not show tolerance. Their parents often see the fear and aggression from others. Therefore, when the “Dobrobut” appears autistic, we are without words to understand his parents — their greatest wish, that the child is not hurt, not pushed, and accepted and helped. For them it is the most dear and beloved man, just him in this world has a bit more complicated than others.

В мире уникальных детей



Very different children

Many people often refer to autistic people wary and even with some caution. As for doctors, we are aware of how difficult these children to adapt in society.Because autism manifests itself differently and has another name: the autism spectrum disorder. One side can occur severe illness, when the person remains about the plant, as not to do anything without assistance. In this case, autistic need to learn to care for themselves.

The second side of the spectrum is that such a person has a very high intelligence and certain characteristics of communication. Such children are usually very talented. And they just need to learn how to communicate and behave properly in society.

“Children with autism can live a normal life is very important to know.”

How do you know that the child has autism?

В мире уникальных детей



In Ukraine, such a diagnosis can only ask a psychiatrist. But there are three main features on which I and my colleagues understand that the patient probably (!), autism.

  • Impaired social interaction.
  • – When a child smiles at the mother. From the first month the baby responds to mother, he smiles at her, starts to babble. This behavior is called complex recovery.

    – When the baby is at the age of 9 months does not attract the mother to the game and not showing her the toys.

    By the way, in 3 years the specialist test: the child is given a doll and see what he will do with it. For example, to swing, to feed, clothe. So autistic people will never play with a doll.

  • Communication breakdown.
  • – The autistic has no pointing gesture. Usually kids point the finger at the items. Autistic people do differently: they take my mother’s arm and use it to indicate something either lead mom to the subject, i.e., using it as a pointer.

    – Even children with a very high level of intelligence couldn’t talk. Only some kind of critical situation forces the child to have something to say.

  • The unusual area of very strong interest.
  • It usually concerns children with high intelligence. In my practice there was a case when the baby is 3.5 years spoke in detail about when dinosaurs were born, what they eat. Children usually do not remember so many details and nuances.

    It is always hard to tell parents that their child’s autism. But to remain silent is worse. Because the sooner parents seek help from a psychologist, the faster you can achieve results in the child’s adaptation to life.

    “The meaning of our work in the medical centre “Dobrobut”with these children is that as early as possible to identify signs of autism”.