Unison, the Bank paid 75% Deposit on deposits

Юнисон банк выплатил 75% вкладов по депозитам

From 28 December, the Bank launched new payments on deposits.

Unison makes payments on deposits, the period of which ended prior to 18.12.2016 (inclusive). Since the beginning of may 2016, the Bank paid 77,5% of all of its obligations under the guaranteed amounts.

As emphasized in the Bank, payments are made at the expense of own funds of the Bank.

“We are making maximum efforts in order to save the Bank in the market. But our relationship with the regulator should not affect our customers. Therefore it is strategically important for us was to implement another tranche of payments this year, in anticipation of the Christmas holidays. We are grateful to the staff and clients for their trust and we intend in 2017 to return the Bank to a stable job,” said shareholder Oksana Chepizhko.

Earlier, the Bank declared readiness to carry out all the paying customers.

Temporary administration was introduced at Bank unison 28 APR 2016. Shareholders and employees of Bank have declared, that do not recognize the claims of the Bank and will defend its position and rights in court.

Unison has paid more than 60% of the deposits from its own funds