United CHE: team final in gymnastics and the success in rowing

Объединенный ЧЕ: командный финал в гимнастике и успехи в гребле

Your attention to the report, how was the first day of the joint European championship.

The first day of the joint European championship, which started in Glasgow, were no drawings of the medals, but a couple of excellent Ukrainian speeches he we “gave”.

Successful performance we were waiting in the women’s gymnastics, which hosted the qualification. First of all we had hoped for Diana Varinsky that it is the second year in a row gets to the finals on the uneven bars, but while this is questionable – 13,800 points allowed her to be the first alternate in the final.

But the performance of Diana on other shells and excellent performance of the other girls (angelina Radivilova, Valeria Osipova and Yana Federova) allowed the Ukrainian team to get the eight finalists team championship. Though with the last, the eighth result, but the girls in the finals for the first time since 2010.

Cycling (track) held a two qualification rounds. Girls consisting of Anna sermon, Anna Nightingale, Valeriya Kononenko and Oksana Lacinai with the seventh result in his arrival were qualified in the team race.

Maksim Vasilyev, Ilya Klepikov Vladimir Dzhus Timur Maleev in the men’s pursuit showed the worst time of the 12 teams qualified and were not.

The most wide representation of Ukraine was in rowing.

Among the first Ukrainians to start out deuce hinged at a distance of 2 km Oksana Golub/Anna Kontseva. In your swim they took second place, reached the final A.

But the male crew of the Roman Piven/Nicholas Kalashnik at the same distance, it was not possible – the third place.

In the competition of fours pairs Ukrainka Daria Skygazer/Olena Buryak/Anastasia Kozhevnikova/of Eugene Dovgodko took the first place in his heat, and immediately reached the final A.

But men Dimitri Mihai/Alexander grin/Alexander Nadtoka/Dovgodko Ivan in the same discipline to finish third in the final until I got. Corrected they will try today through additional races.

In the singles competition reached the final And Diana Dymchenko. She took second place in the race.

Finally, in the two steamy men’s Igor Khmara and Stanislav Koval was not able to get into the top 2 and go directly to the final, finishing only third place.

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