Unknown wallet has received bitcoins for a billion dollars

Неизвестный кошелек получил биткоинов на миллиард долларов

Bitcoin is a billion dollars transferred to an unknown wallet

Experts believe that such actions may indicate the intention of some major player in the cryptocurrency market to withdraw their money from bitcoin.

Boat Whale Alert , which monitors all major transactions in the cryptocurrency market, reported that 94.5 per thousand bitcoins that at current exchange rate is more than $ 1 billion, was transferred to an unknown wallet. About it writes Kommersant.

The amount was sent there from 15 different wallets. After the transfer this wallet took the fourth place in terms of the amount that is on it, and the first place, unless you consider the purses related to cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to experts, this translation could be an attempt of any major player in the cryptocurrency market transfer money from bitcoins, that such amount may lead to chaos in the market.

In addition, some experts believe that this transaction may be associated with the cryptocurrency platform Bakkt, which will be launched in September.

However, it is possible that this is the usual transfer between wallets.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that he doesn’t trust cryptocurrencies. He believes that the value of the cryptocurrency “rests on air” and advised their issuers to obtain a banking license and to work within the framework of banking regulation.

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