UOC-Moscow Patriarchate responded to the call Poroshenko about the Tomos

В УПЦ МП ответили на призыв Порошенко о Томосе

Nikolai Danilevich responded to words Poroshenko

In the Department of external relations of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate stated that it did not have Thomas. The question of autocephaly was decided by the Church Council.

In the Russian Orthodox Church there is no Tomos of autocephaly, because its status was established by the decision of the Church Council. This was stated by Deputy head of the Department for external Church relations of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich in Facebook.

“Not a single Tomos lives Orthodoxy, but also decisions of Church Councils,” – said in a statement.

Danilevich said that he resented the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the requirement to show Tomos to the UOC-MP. According to him, the ancient churches, not Thomas, as it began to give local churches in the 19th century. And the activities of the Orthodoxy was regulated by the Councils.

“If President Poroshenko have already become so skilled in Tomasak, then maybe he would have to start proposed to the Constantinople Patriarchate to show your Tomos?”, – wrote Danilevich.

According to the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, the Russian Church has a diploma of the Patriarch of Constantinople Jeremiah that, in fact, equivalent to the Tomos.

Recall that earlier Poroshenko promised to defend the choice of those who decide to go to the Orthodox Church, subordinate of the Russian Federation.