Updated wine Department at NOVUS in Sky Mall shopping center 1100 wines from 20 countries

 Обновленный винный отдел в NOVUS в ТРЦ Sky Mall 1100 вин из 20 стран мира

As the new flagship supermarkets NOVUS in the SEC Sky Mall increased alcoholic range and the new object will surprise connoisseurs of fine alcohol.

Soon, in the near future in the Metropolitan shopping center SkyMall will welcome a new flagship store of one of the leading food chains in Ukraine – NOVUS. Total area is about 12,000 square meters, and vending – 6300 sq. m. Supermarket in the shopping center SkyMall will be different and the fact that the finish is widely used eco-friendly materials, the hall itself has an original and modern design, the store implement innovations, such as electronic catalogs, digital screens and self-checkout.

Significantly expanded the range of the network will offer its customers approximately 50,000 products, including 5000 headings of their own and import about 1000 products of their own brands. In particular, the market will provide an updated wine Department, which the buyer can choose from more than 1300 articles. Among them will be 1100 positions wines from 20 countries. Details of the project in a short interview RAU revealed Anna Pinkevich, head of product group “Beverages and tobacco” of the NOVUS chain.

 Обновленный винный отдел в NOVUS в ТРЦ Sky Mall 1100 вин из 20 стран мира



– How to choose a product that will be sold in NOVUS?

– The basic principle of selection is the ratio of price-quality. Work with suppliers to select well-known brands which are known all over the world. In the work with its own import – looking towards little unique productions. I want it to be exclusive for Ukraine range, but taking into account the interests and needs of the buyers.

We also work with major European industries, mainly goods more consumer the price range of economy average minus. Goods for their own import to select at international exhibitions, pre-study information about the manufacturers on the Internet, go directly to the production and firsthand look as the manufacturer refers to their product.

– What should be the provider to NOVUS worked with him? What are the selection criteria? Maybe there are standards that must be met by the potential partner?

– Basic standard for the selection of provider – in the first place, it is compliance with all the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine. This is the first step. In the future, everything depends on the negotiations. All suppliers who are willing and eager to have a reliable and long term relationships, we are always open.

– How will increase the number of imported goods of the category “Beverages and tobacco” at the new store NOVUS?

For this store the number of goods, import will increase by 165 SKU, which is 15% more current. This was prepared in advance and has started in March 2019. Of the new products will come before the end of the year after the store opened approximately 50 new, unique and interesting items. Interesting is the expansion of the range of New world wines, especially from Argentina (TM Dona Paula), from Italy I recommend to pay attention to the brand of 12 Mezzo, with Spain, Hacienda Zorita with one of the best regions of Ribera del Duero. Claude Leblanc also imported from Burgundy (France), we used to have this region were not represented.

– What is the category of products now in great demand among consumers? Alcoholic beverages of any country in the production of the best-selling NOVUS network?

– The most dynamic there are categories of sparkling and still wines. There is an increased interest in gin. Buyers pay attention to the products marked Bio, Organic.