Uranus reverses poles every day – scientists

Уран меняет полюса каждый день - ученые

This gas giant is different from other planets in the Solar system instability of the magnetic field.

Gas giant Uranus is changing its pole places every day. On this unusual instability of the planet, scientists write in the article in the journal JGR: Space Physics.

Uranium radically different from the other Solar system planets, said astronomer Carol Party from Georgia Institute of Technology.

“Our observations show that the magnetic shield of Uranium is not static and its position is strongly affected, in addition to all other factors, from how it rotates around its axis” – quoted scientist RIA Science.

Only Uranus in our system revolves around the Sun “lying on side”, the axis of rotation of Uranus lies in the plane of his orbit. At the same time, the magnetic poles of Uranus are shifted from the geographical to the angle of 60 degrees.

On Earth, this deviation is only 11 degrees, which allows you to use a magnetic compass to determine direction on a geographical pole.

Scientists believe that the shift of the magnetic poles is that the magnetic field of the planet generates a salty ocean hidden under its dense atmosphere.

The reason for this shift and why the planet rotates on “its side”, as planetary scientists now believe, was a series of powerful clashes of Uranium with a large “germ” of the planets in the distant past.

American scientists write about the opening of one more unusual features of the magnetic field of Uranus.

It turned out that at certain times of the year such as the winter or summer solstice, the magnetic field of Uranus looks like a kind of giant “switch”, switching the position of the poles of the planet every 18 incomplete hours, exactly one day on Uranus.

These shifts, as they say scientists, give rise to a sort of “hole” in the magnetic shield of the giant planet.

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