US intelligence published a report on Cybertech of the Russian Federation

Разведка США опубликовала доклад о кибертаках РФ

The Department of homeland security and the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. released a joint report on the cyber attacks that have been organized by Russian intelligence.

The report is available on the website of the Computer emergency readiness team US — division of the national Department of cybersecurity the Department of homeland security.

According to the report, the attacks were aimed at critical infrastructure, government agencies, political organizations, research institutes and universities and corporations; their intent was identity theft.

The report States that the attack on the American political party in 2015-2016 was carried out by two Russian hacking group, referred to as APT28 and APT29. We are talking about cyber attacks on the national Committee of the Democratic party, which became known in the summer of 2016. Then it was reported that the Committee was attacked by two independent groups; one of them (Fancy Bear, or APT28) other (Cozy Bear). One group is associated with GRU, the other with the FSB.

We will remind, the French newspaper Le Monde reported that APT28 involved in the attack on the OSCE website.

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