USA in the OSCE urged Russia to release political prisoners

США в ОБСЕ призвали Россию освободить политзаключенных

Journalist Nicholas Seeds, photo from archive

The United States insists on release from Russian imprisonment of Ukrainian political prisoners. With the corresponding statement was made at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna temporarily attorneys for the United States to the OSCE Kate Byrnes, UKRINFORM reported.

“February 28, Ukrainian journalist Mykola Semena appeared before the court without the presence of international observers on dubious charges of “undermining the territorial integrity of Russia through mass media” after his articles criticizing the Russian occupation of Crimea and the actions of the occupying power,” recalled burns.

She noted that Simon faces up to five years of imprisonment.

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“The United States again appeal to the OSCE to monitor the trial of Mr. Semenov. We also call on the Russian authorities to abandon the wrong charges against Nicholas Semeny and release him and all other Ukrainians who see Russia for political reasons,” – said the American diplomat.

In this regard, she recalled other “Crimean political prisoners”, including Oleg Sentsov, Alexander Kolchenko, Alexander Kostenko, and many others who are serving sentences in remote Russian penal colonies.

At the same time, burns said that the Russian government continues to succumb to the ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars systematic discrimination in the occupied Peninsula. In addition, she condemned the Russians of national Ukrainian assets in Crimea.

“Russia has misappropriated the Ukrainian military assets, a subsidiary of the national gas companies of Ukraine, as well as numerous other public and private property of Ukraine, including natural gas reserves in the Black sea by billions of euros,” said the American representative.

She emphasized that Russia not only blew up the international peace and security, but also violated General international law and the Helsinki principles. The US representative reminded about the sanctions and called on Russia to return control of Crimea to the Ukrainian state.

As reported, on 20 January, an investigator of the Russian FSB in annexed Crimea handed to journalist Nicholas Simon, the indictment on criminal case about separatism (article 280.1 of the Russian criminal code).

According to the investigation, the Crimean journalist “has prepared an article entitled “the Blockade is a necessary first step towards the liberation of the Crimea”, which was discovered appeals to violation of territorial integrity of the Russian Federation”.

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