USA introduces the second part of the duties on goods from China

США вводят вторую часть пошлин на товары из Китая

The first stage of American duties on 818 titles of Chinese products was introduced on 6 July. Now the list has expanded a 279 positions.

Thursday, August 23, effect fee at the rate of 25% on imported from China in the USA goods which total cost is estimated at $ 16 billion. This list includes 279 items of Chinese products.

Prior to that, the parties exchanged their duties on 6 July. Then the White house has imposed 25% fees for 818 items of Chinese products.

Beijing, in response, took a similar toll on 659 groups of goods from the United States.

The US President Donald trump said that the decision was made in connection with any unlawful, from the point of view of the United States, the assignment by Chinese enterprises, of American intellectual property and technology, as well as Beijing’s unfair trading practices. According to trump, the new measures of the us administration will contribute to the elimination of the US deficit in bilateral trade with China.

The list of goods which will be charged fees, including products produced in the framework of the scientific – technical development of “Made in China 2025”. As explained in the United States, duties affect mainly the products of the aerospace industry, information and communication technology, robotics, industrial equipment, automotive.

In response, Beijing will apply in relation to U.S. production increased tariffs by the same amount “synchronous order” and will give a decisive response to Washington as the new steps of the American side infringe on the national interests of the PRC.

Earlier it was reported that Turkey filed a complaint with the world trade organization in connection with the U.S. imposed duties on steel and aluminum.


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