USA was ahead of Russia in oil production

США опередили Россиию по добыче нефти

Us oil companies in March, produced an average of 10,425 million barrels of “black gold” per day.

In March of this year, the United States was in first place in the world in terms of oil production, ahead of Russia. This is evidenced by the organization of the Joint initiative on oil statistics (JODI), Prime Friday, may 18.

It is noted that the United States in March, produced an average of 10,425 million barrels of oil per day. In second place was Russia, which in March was mined 10,298 million b/d. Closes the three leaders of Saudi Arabia with annual production of 9,907 million b/d.

Mining in Russia, according to JODI, has not changed in comparison with February, in the United States – increased by 1.6% in Saudi Arabia declined by 0.28%.

The volume of oil exports of Saudi Arabia in March in monthly terms decreased by 1.8% to 7,122 million b/d in the US increased by 3.7%, to 1,664 million b/d. Data on the same indicator of Russia JODI does not specify. In February, Russia exported 5,044 million b/d in January – 5,434 million b/d.

Earlier, the International energy Agency (IEA) has warned that the US is preparing an “explosive” growth of oil production due to shale gas exploration, where by 2025, production will increase in two times – up to 14.2 million b/d. This contributes to the current rise in prices on “black gold”.

Recall, the IMF assessed the implications of the shale revolution in the United States, calling it the biggest threat to OPEC attempts to achieve stability in oil prices.

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