Usyk told who proposed opponents to replace the Spong

Усик рассказал, кого предлагали в соперники на замену Спонгу

Oleksandr Usyk wanted to agree to box with Spong, despite the doping.

Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk told how he learned about the positive doping test Tyrone Spong before their joint fight, but also about who could replace him except Chazza Witherspoon.

“We were taken to a media event in downtown Chicago. We are, the Director says, “Come, see each other in the eye.” Everything is fotkayut. It all lasts for three to four minutes. Fits me Egis Klimas, I show that he is the face of evil. “Come here,” he says. I’m calm, without a second thought. And just so the frost is gone.

Well, the Duma, took and took. Let’s go talk. Thought now let’s take a walk and drink some coffee. We’re Egis says VADA reported that the Spong positive test. I wanted Egis to say: “Give me the letter, maybe some will write that I agree with him to box, me without a difference.” Well, fight is the same, I was prepared for.

I was offered three options: Eric Molina, someone else, and Cassa Witherspoon. From Molina was not licensed, and Witherspoon was ready. Well ima all together the team decided. Even though I didn’t say I don’t care who, as long as he was ready,” said Barbel, in an interview for the YouTube channel Usyk17.



Recall that the Moustache made his debut in the heavyweight division with a knockout over Custom Witherspoon.

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