Utkin: refused to work in Ukraine, because I wouldn’t understand

Уткин: отказался от работы в Украине, потому что меня бы никто не понял

Vasily Utkin

Popular Russian sports commentator Vasily Utkin told about the fact that he received job offers from Ukraine.

According to Utkin, it maintains excellent relations with many Ukrainian colleagues and he was interested in a job in our country, but to accept the offer he could not because of the political situation between Russia and Ukraine.

“I remember in 2012 I worked at the European championship in Ukraine and a week and a half I spent in Donetsk” began Basil.

“Now I can’t imagine what happened and how everything could change. It was a prosperous city that lived well. Just live and be happy. And so that’s a disaster…”

“I’m not talking about politics, but about what and how was a person’s life and as he led her around, it was impossible to suppose that in this city in two years will be war.”

“I had a talk about the work in Ukraine, but I politely declined”.

“I try to keep contact with all of my Ukrainian friends, because between us, nothing happened. Between people. We must maintain these relationships. And speaking of work, I realize that even if it will be very interesting, even if it be right, come here do not understand,” said Utkin in an interview with BUSINESS Online.

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