Uz asked Zibrova not to go on the rails

Укрзализныця попросила Зиброва не ходить по рельсам

Zibrova is recommended not to walk on the rails

The singer has blatantly violated safety rules in railway transport.

Ukrzaliznytsya addressed a famous Ukrainian singer Pavlo Zibrov to not setting a bad example by walking on the railroad tracks in their videos. This was reported on the website of Ukrzaliznytsi.

“It is a pity that the carrier of the national culture, an indisputable authority for many fans of different generations to have taken such a senseless step – grossly violated the rules of rail safety. He brazenly strolled, pranced and sang on the tracks. Especially cynical is the fact that it is in their illegal Deana has imparted to the youth and set a disgraceful example for imitation”, – the report says.

In addition, the railroad told the artist that the failure to follow safety rules on the Railways can lead to premature halt or career breaks in the tour due to injury”.

“Dear Pavel, we hope that You will no longer have to violate safety rules and will always choose to travel the railroad,” the railroad appealed to the singer.

Earlier, the Ukrainian musicians responded to the appointment of the head of the Polish Railways. In the clip, the musicians were asked in response to appoint a well-known Ukrainian singer and people’s artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov the head of the Polish Railways.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet has appointed the head of Ukrzaliznytsia pole Wojciech Balczun.