Vadim Rabinovich: “the protest we have made more than the entire opposition for two and a half years”

The MP said that the Parliament’s decision on the return of money to depositors of the Bank “Michael” is the result of the rally organized by his political power.

For ten days at the National Bank of Ukraine held mass protests organized by the party “For life”. Although they ignore the leadership of the NBU, and the oligarchs, and the main channels, but the government was forced to make concessions.

“We, the people who have gathered here, ten days has achieved more than all of the opposition for two and a half years! – said Vadim Rabinovich. − Depositors of the Bank “Michael” returned the money. Yes, I am proud that we have this attitude.”

Recall that the Parliament passed the decision on return of money to depositors of the Bank, “Michael”, and the President signed it. That is, the government has fulfilled the demands of protesters. But, according to the sources, in the night from 15 to 16 November a non-public meeting in the Cabinet, which officials decide what to do with the protests in Central Kiev.

This morning the Prime Minister announced the “erroneous” payment, and responsibility for, their conversion. According to Rabinovich, the government strongly hindered to carry out the action: send provocateurs, took away the toilets, not allowed to give the protesters tea, but to prevent people to conduct a peaceful picket failed. Despite the unprecedented measures of deterrence, peaceful action Rabinovitch brings results.

“We are peaceful, we don’t want a revolution, continues the MP. − We ask three things: return the deposits, review fares and punish the thieves,” − summed up Vadym Rabinovich.