Valencia goalkeeper stood up for Neymar for the incident with thrown bottle

Голкипер Валенсии вступился за Неймара за инцидент с брошенной бутылкой

Diego Alves urges not to criticize Neymar

Valencia goalkeeper Diego Alves has defended Neymar despite the fact that he started to argue with his teammates.

Valencia goalkeeper Diego Alves stood up for Neymar after the incident with the thrown bottle to Antonio Barragan.

“Neymar exposed the persecution, though, we are seeing similar things around the world. If you are Messi or Neymar, then be ready to be criticized at any moment. I spoke to Neymar before the match of our teams and it was quiet”, – quotes Diego Alves Globo Esporte.

“I didn’t see what happened between him and other players of Valencia after the match. Anyway, after each conflict, all go home and forget about it,” said the Brazilian.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Barcelona don’t even accept the idea of the sale of Neymar.

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