Valuev: it is Strange that Gassiev was preparing for battle in the mountains

Валуев: Странно, что Гассиев готовился к бою в условиях среднегорья

Nikolai Valuev

Nikolai Valuev commented on the defeat of his compatriot Murat Gassieva in battle against Alexander Usik.

The former world champion in a super heavyweight Nikolay Valuev shared his opinion on why Murat Gassiev failed to show anything in the fight against Ukrainian Alexander Usik.

“I learned that Murat for a long time was prepared in the mountains, it turned out that he went down there recently. For me this is quite weird because when we were preparing, then laid a certain time to acclimatize. I think it could have an effect.

It is also important that the Tendril was able to neutralize the main weapon of the Murad – body shots and liver. Murat was unable to use his main weapon, running into a confrontation with the opponent. Of course, Gassiev is still very young and his potential is great” – quoted Valuev TASS.

Earlier, Valuev said that the Mustache didn’t give Gassieva to show their abilities.

We will remind, Oleksandr Usyk became the absolute world champion in the heavyweight division, defeating in the final WBSS Murata Gassieva. After the victory, the Ukrainian said that he didn’t mind lifting in the heavyweight division.

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