Valya Semerenko and Abramov can come back in Ruhpolding

Валя Семеренко и Абрамова могут вернуться уже в Рупольдинге

Valya Semerenko

The senior trainer of the female national team of Ukraine in biathlon, said that the Olympic champion and world champion Valentina Semerenko can join the national team Ukraine at the fifth world Cup in Ruhpolding, which will be held from the 10th to the 15th of January.

“Valya Semerenko 13th and 14th December were training in Pokljuka, together with Olga Abramova, who had come to collect. I saw Valya, she laughs, happy that he began training. In which it is now difficult to say. I think in a week we will have more information. It is necessary that she spent with the team a couple of workouts.

It all depends on how Val will show himself at the training camp in Pokljuka. We think: either otpravili at the IBU Cup in Arber immediately after the New year. If she’ll surprise us, then take her immediately to Ruhpolding for the world Cup. But to this question the answer is no,” said Velepec during the web conference at XSPORT.

Also, the coach expects the athlete will enter the team for the world Cup in Hochfilzen, which will begin on the 8th of February.

“Do I Currency world Cup? Of course. I and Olga Abramova is also calculated. She ends with a disqualification. We all believe that the punishment of the unjust. No one has yet managed to prove how much time is required to the substance derived from the body.

I’m certainly no expert in this matter. But we had to appeal the verdict. Now waiting for a decision on it as soon as possible to get her back on the team. I know she’s trained and ready to start tomorrow. I know about Valya less as she does under his plan. We still have something to show before the world Cup.”

The appearance of two athletes will be on hand for the coaching staff of our team. They will be able to compete with the other girls, because while the women’s results are hardly optimistic.

Recall that after three rounds of the world Cup, our women’s team has won only one medal – bronze in the women’s relay. As for individual races, we have only one hit in the top 10 at Yulia Jima.

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