Varvynets: the Height makes itself felt, I found it very hard

Варвинец: Высота дает о себе знать, мне было очень тяжело

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Ukrainka – on sprint at the world Cup stage in Antholz.

Ukrainian biathlete soukalova Gabriela gave an assessment of his performance in sprint at the world Cup stage in Antholz.

“Probably the height still makes itself felt, it was difficult for me. On account of the latest miss – can’t exactly call it reason. Actually, I’m a good shooter, but this season I have only one race to zero.

Some specific problems was not, and I honestly didn’t ask. Always told the coaches that need to get into the top 20 and then I’ll be in the team.

Don’t know which races will start, with the coach still wasn’t talking. Maybe the whole program is skated, and may miss some races. Then Olena Pidhrushna immediately sent to Korea, skipping the gathering in Kazakhstan because there’s just no time.

Why do we participate at the continental championship now? Don’t know what to say about Lena Pidhrushna, it is better to ask the coaches. But I didn’t get many starts this season, because it is an optional practice.

Still have problems with the knees. Of course, with me, no one talked about some kind of surgery, so I just try to work in support mode, to do certain procedures, ultrasound and rest. In any case, I want to fully finish this season and then think about a solution to this problem”, – said the Ukrainian XSPORT.

Informed their impressions of the race shared Valentina Semerenko, Darya Domracheva, olsbu Marte and also coach of Ukraine Uros Velepec.

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