Vatsky: Seleznev will score and score a lot

Вацко: Селезнев будет забивать, и забивать много

Vatsky considers that Seleznev will be posted after the setbacks in Kubani

Known commentator Viktor Vatsky commented on the transition Yevhen Seleznyov to the miner.

“I point out two aspects of the signing Selezneva. The first is football: I think this is the attacks of the miner. Moreover, the enhancement that meets the personnel policy of the miners. Seleznev with his goal-scoring instinct, ability to play in the penalty area to score, and score a lot. The second aspect is political: I was interested to hear what he has to say”, – shares his thoughts Vatsky in the broadcast channel Football 1.

“Now he has a very bad PR situation – we all know and understand. But we heard him say in an interview that he regrets the decision to go to Russia, sincerely regretted. This is a mistake, it happens to every one. I loved his words that he always identified themselves with Ukraine, and everywhere that he positions himself as a Ukrainian. I also liked his call to unite for the sake of the result. If the Ukrainian team will win the championship, someone will be against what there playing Seleznev?”, – asks the expert.

“We are not so rich in football talent to throw these players, besides, if a player identificeret yourself with our blue-yellow flag and t-shirt. And you can imagine how he will now prove its usefulness,” – said Vatsky.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Shakhtar Donetsk has signed a two-year contract with Yevhen Seleznov.

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