Velepec decided on the composition of the Ukrainian team at the Olympics

Велепец определился с составом сборной Украины на Олимпиаду

Ukrainian biathletes on the world Cup in Hochfilzen

Uros Velepec told about the readiness of the Ukrainian sportsmen for the Olympic games in Phenchhane.

Coach of the female national team of Ukraine Uros Velepec commented on the performance of the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team in Ruhpolding.

“We are pleased with this stage. The girls are ready. But no luck to do everything the way I wanted. We continue to prepare for the Olympics.

The failure in the relay? We were all well prepared. The attitude of the girls was good. Just a bad relay. We started bad, then Julia bad shot then another, and Vita and Nastia did. This shooting is simply impossible to smear. The shooting range is easy, there is little wind and you have to shoot clean and fast. Then swing trying to catch up, but it all went wrong from the beginning.

The lineup for the Olympics? I think everything is clear. I know who it will be. But declaring it will be late” – conveys the words of Velepec

Note that the Ukrainian national team six quotas for the Olympics.

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