Velepec explained, what is the reason for the weak performance of Jim in the mass start

Велепец объяснил, с чем связано слабое выступление Джимы в масс-старте

Uros Velepec

Coach of the female national team of the alarming illness of athletes.

Coach of the female national team of Ukraine Uros Velepec analyzed mass start in the performance of his players and explained why Yulia Jim ranked only 28th place.

“Today I am pleased valley. She was already slightly better for speed, shooting great. It is a pity only miss at the last shooting that was prevented to fight for the flowers. But overall she had a good race.

As for the Vita, its condition affects the fatigue from the large number of races. With Julia, we agreed that it will not be too active. She trained yesterday for the first day and felt the lack of oxygen. Maybe that’s why – and slips in the rack. But today’s start was needed, because a week without shooting now is a very long time.

A little alarming some kind of virus that went on the team: Julia is only just recovering from illness, She missed Antholz because of a cold, yesterday I learned from Lena that she’s in Ruhpolding not feeling great… We at the hotel, even apart settled Currencies, and Vitu-Il, so they didn’t get it. But nothing can be done – we will work together to get out of this situation. We say: if you treat the disease – we need one week, and when not treated to seven days. Because it is not necessary to overreact, the time before the Olympic Games is still there.

We’re still on schedule two peaks form. The first was in December, when the girls ran well. Then in January we decided not to reduce the intensity of your workouts and at these three stages the girls had just “otmuchilsya”. And now have a short rest and will start special training for the Olympics” – quoted coach official website of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine.

We will remind, Valentina Semerenko confirmed that her performance in the mass start was affected by recent illness.

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