Velepec: I am Sure that in Ruhpolding get on the podium

Велепец: Уверен, что в Рупольдинге попадем на подиум

Uros Velepec

The coach of the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team is confident that the Olympic team will be a success.

Senior coach of the female national team of Ukraine on biathlon Uros Velepec thinks that his team can win the prize at the fifth world Cup in Ruhpolding, and also to perform successfully at the Olympic games.

“Our expectations in Ruhpolding high as ever. Of course, girls with no peak form, which should be in the Olympics. I think in the individual race, which will be the first and which is important for shooting, maybe.

We have Julia and Jim and Valya Semerenko, which will continue to fight for Crystal globe. They took third and fourth place in the first race.

I hope all is well will perform at the first race. Then will relay that to us is also very important. Then there’s mass start, in which three girls take place. The rest must be overcome.

Behind us in four stages, all stages on the podium. I am sure that we will be able to do in Ruhpolding, why not. We are one of the strongest teams in the world. We’re in third place in the Nations Cup. Why then not get on the podium?

Biathlon – this sport is hard to predict. There is shooting, there is the material, conditions.

At the Olympics we can every race to be strong contenders. When the Olympic games there are six chances to win a medal – we have six starts because there are still mixed relay, I think every race we will have a chance for awards.

In Sochi was a medal Vita Semerenko in the sprint and gold in the relay. I think this team is powerful enough to repeat it,” said Velepec in the comments BiathlonPlace

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