Velepec: Sisters Semerenko able to have a good season

Велепец: Сестры Семеренко способны провести хороший сезон

Uros Velepec with the team

Senior coach of the national team of Ukraine told about the goals for the season and on the status of women before the start of the season.

Head coach of Ukraine Uros Velepec in an interview to the official website of the IBU commented on the state of their wards, and set a goal for the season.

“If we win a medal in Pyeongchang, the season can be considered successful. But I know that, in addition, 2-3 girls from the team can win, and personal rewards; for them it is very important. And in order to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities before the main event, you need to perform well at the world Cup.

Of course, I have a strategy of how we will move during the season, where and how we will act. Maybe the team will skip the world Cup in Oberhof, however, there is planned the relay race and everyone understands that each race before the Olympics is very important. I’m sure we’ll do it right.

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Valya and Vita Semerenko – well done. They have made a significant step forward, it is good for them and for the team to see that the sisters are ready to train and fight. Moreover, they have a very high level of preparation for this moment. I am sure that Valya and Vita is able to play a good season and show good results.

Of course, after a 2.5-year pause in Vite will be harder to show stability, to be in good condition for each race. May have something to miss. But Vita was surprised so many times during training that I assume that it will survive the entire season

Elena Pidhrushna had breathing problems at the training camp in France. She was examined by a group of experts, but nothing concrete, they said. Then Lena went home to Kiev, where it re-examined, decided to make for Pidhrushna collection somewhere at the bottom. A while the athlete was training myself, but we were in constant communication. Now it is in good condition and trains with the team, performs all of the loads. I think this team is very well prepared.

It is also important not to hurt, not to make blunders, to protect nerves and properly prepare. And then it will be a real opportunity to show the Olympics all what we’re capable of,” said Velepec.

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