Venezuela is ready to release a national cryptocurrency

Венесуэла готова выпустить национальную криптовалюту

The country is looking for financial salvation

The Central Bank is confident that it will help to overcome hyperinflation.

In light of the dire economic situation in the country, Venezuelan authorities are considering the possibility of creating their own digital currency. This writes The Merkle.

As notes the edition, the country’s Central Bank to think seriously about creating a national cryptocurrency. This measure is enforced because, according to experts, can help to overcome hyperinflation. Together with the Central Bank of Venezuela on the concept of a national cryptocurrency works company Onixcoin.

Also, the government of the South American country is looking at various options for the development of mining in Venezuela.

Recall that because of the raging hyperinflation cryptocurrency in Venezuela are extremely in demand.

Also recall that the United States imposed new sanctions against Venezuela and its oil companies.