Venus could be a life – scientists

На Венере могла существовать жизнь - ученые

Experts have modeled preslee the planet when it could be liquid water and stable atmosphere.

At the Institute for space studies, NASA reported details about life on Venus. It is reported by Science Alert.

It turns out that billions of years ago the planet was probably a stable climate, liquid water and other conditions known to us.

Scientists have created a model in the 3D GCM, reconstructed the possible circulation of water on the planet. Scientists have considered the options when the oceans on Venus had a depth from 10 to 310 meters or even covered the entire surface of the planet.

The results obtained in the interval from 4.2 billion to 700 million years ago the climate of Venus is very different from Earth. It could be liquid water and warm climate with 20-40 degrees Celsius at the surface.

The climate of Venus could change when the carbon dioxide could no longer be naturally removed from the atmosphere. It could happen in the event of major volcanic eruptions, when solidified magma prevents the reabsorption of the gas.

Earlier in the Solar system, spotted the object from interstellar space. It was also reported that the black hole in the center of the milky way began to devour everything around.

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