Vera Savchenko said about the threats from the ex-lawyers sisters

Вера Савченко заявила об угрозах от экс-адвокатов сестры

Vera Savchenko complained about lawyers

The former lawyers of Nadezhda Savchenko allegedly threatened her sister and their assistants and were rude. Some ladies, according to Hope, are intimidated and afraid to contact the police.

The former lawyers of Nadezhda Savchenko threatened her sister Vera and some members of the party political platform of Hope Savchenko. On Monday, may 14, Vera Savchenko told journalists, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

The question pressed whether the Belief of the attorneys, was there any contradiction between it and the defenders, she replied:

“I have some TV channels showed footage allow yourself to talk to women lawyers: profanity, rude and threatening that I Chechens children seem to me that all this will end badly. And that is what I want Hope was sitting.”

She noted that he does not know whether someone of the helpers of Hope Savchenko or party members to go to the police, adding that “some girls are afraid.”

In addition, Vera Savchenko said that some TV channels and social networks disseminate information that allegedly it is the “grey Eminence” of his sister and really wants to sister tried to run for President.

“Now, I ask you, dear, drop this subject, because your customers railed against the Hope, has now taken over me. They underestimated our sisterly love and mutual respect. We have each other and I’m just a prop for Hope,” said sister Savchenko.

Also, in her opinion, the prosecution is not enough evidence, and it delays the thing to to fabricate.

“What happens now? And the fact that a grief-the Prosecutor of the lack of conclusive evidence. And what should be done? It is necessary to delay the investigation for six months to find the evidence, to fabricate, to pull people. That is, people are recruited into criminal, they invented the thing,” said Vera Savchenko.

She added that criminal proceedings should be instituted against witnesses in the case her sister, but was not broken.

As reported, last week the collaboration with Savchenko stopped lawyers Oleg Solovey and Dmitry Bugay. According to them, the sister of MP Vera Savchenko was behaving incorrectly and interfered in the working relationship of the defenders and the defendant.

And today, Savchenko asked the state attorney. She also stated that she is unclear the public statements of its former lawyers.


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