Vernidub: the President has convinced me to stay and continue to work

Вернидуб: Президент убедил меня остаться и работать дальше

Yuri Vernidub

Yuri Vernidub told about the conversation with the President of Dawn.

Head coach Dawn Yuri Vernidub said that to remain on the post of coach at the club he was convinced the President of the Luhansk club. and also told how it survived the defeat of Leipzig in qualifying for the Europa League.

“How did you survive the defeat? Let it remain with me. I said those words… I refused. On arrival I had a conversation with the President. I thank him once again. Good-and good conversation. Many people write about any penalties. Yes, I have a two-year contract, but with the President we have a great relationship. No penalties will be neither one nor the other. He convinced me that we need to stay and work further”, – quotes the Vernidub official website of Dawn.

Previously Yuriy vernydub has denied the information about his desire to lead the Dynamo.

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