Vernydub: I Want the Cup to put the bronze medal

Вернидуб: Хочу в Кубок положить бронзовые медали

Yuri Vernidub

Head coach Dawn Yuri Vernidub commented on his team’s defeat to Dnipro in the first semifinal of the Ukrainian Cup.

“The match can be divided into two parts. In the first half was, I think, to our complete advantage, even though we conceded a goal. Were required to score. As happens in life, we alternate white and black stripes. But that’s okay. Came in the second half, was a good game to delete. To play with ten men against a team like Dnipro is very hard, but the boys survived and I am thankful to them.

1:0 is an unstable result. There is a second leg in Kiev. We will prepare well and believe me, we will fight for another 90 minutes, and then just see who makes the finals. Therefore, I consider our chances 50 on 50.

Want to put bronze medals at the Cup. I tell you frankly, and hope that it will. I’m sure that in the final will play Alexandria? I’m sure we’ll get anywhere! Alexandria won? 1:1? So in the finals I have to beat her? I think miner will do anything to be in the final. Although I wish you luck and Alexandria. The team is now on a very good run, shows very good performance. Hope the Dnieper river in Alexandria will not be sweet. Same as us,” said Vernidub

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