Verona hero. Why Poroshenko was deprived of the title

Веронский герой. Почему Порошенко лишили звания

In Ukraine believe that the decision of the city Council of Verona is purely political and I see in him the ever-present hand of Moscow.

In 2016 in Ukraine found the world’s masterpieces stolen from the Museum of Castelvecchio in Verona the Italian.

A total of 17 paintings and quickly returned to Italy. The city Council of Verona to celebrate, awarded the title of honorary citizen of the city to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainians opened a free entry to the Museum until the end of the year.

Now the composition of the city Council of Verona have been changed, came to power, the representatives of the Pro-Russian party “League” and took Poroshenko honorary title. has gathered information about the scandal.

Unique paintings

Stolen 17 masterpieces of Ukrainian border guards found in the Odessa region. They were found on a small island in the middle of the Dniester. Among the paintings is portrait of a lady of Rubens, the landscapes Iodine, Madonna Tintoretto and Veronese even the business card of the Museum – the Madonna and Perepelitsa Pisanello. The official value of all the paintings – 16 million euros, but only one Madonna on the black market is worth $ 15 million.

Thieves quickly cut the paintings from their frames. On the pictures left scratches. In Rubens and Bellini got a portrait of an ancestor of the founder of the Museum of Verona. His thieves took with them, not understanding the value of the exhibit.

How the masterpieces came in the Odessa region of mystery. Ukrainians among thieves was not.

“The idea of the theft of paintings owned by Italians – were involved in the Museum security guards. Among the associates were citizens of Moldova”, – said the mayor of Verona, Flavio Tossi.

In gratitude, the Italians gave the Ukrainians free entrance to all museums of Verona in 2016, and President Petro Poroshenko – the title of honorary citizen of the Italian city.

Change your mind

However, 20 Sep 2018 the city Council of Verona have deprived of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the title of honorary citizen of the city.

According to the decision of the Council, “the previous city administration is hastily and superficially honorary citizenship of the city of Verona to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.”

It is argued that the merits of Poroshenko in the return of the paintings were controversial.

“In fact, the investigation on the search for works of art was carried out by local authorities. In addition, the title has caused serious doubts and disagreements on the political level and among the community of the Verona because of the lack of real debate about conferring the honorary title of”, – is spoken in the Verona deputies approved the document.

Political question

Now in Verona came to power, the party “League”. The party is Pro-Russian stance, seeking the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions and signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian ruling party “United Russia”.

Former mayor of Verona, Flavio Tosi believes that the decision of the city Council to deprive Poroshenko of the title of honorary citizen of the city is purely political.

At the time of assigning the status of Poroshenko in 2016, Tozi was the mayor of Verona. According to him, Poroshenko said deservedly so, as stolen from the Verona Museum paintings, found in the Ukraine, he returned to Italy very quickly – in just 6 months. In a similar case with the Netherlands, for example, it took 6 years.

According to Tosi, the reason of deprivation Poroshenko status is purely political. According to him, during a speech in the city Council Chairman of the faction “League” never remembered the Verona returned to the Museum the paintings – it was all about the Donbass, the confrontation with the U.S. and U.S. arms supplies to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy Yevhen Perelygin and does believe that the removal of Poroshenko the title of honorary citizen of Verona was orchestrated by the Kremlin.

“Analysis of the text of the document, and the fact that it was signed by almost all the representatives of the party “Northern League”, which won in Verona in municipal elections indicate quite the political orientation of this decision”, – said the Ambassador.

The diplomat believes that the decision of the previous city Council to give honorary citizenship of the city of Clinton and make a free entry for Ukrainian citizens at the city Museum during the year, “was the sincere response of the local deputies” whereas “the successful promotion of Ukraine in many spheres is haunted by the regime in Moscow.”

“That’s why it was to play political spectacle of the Kremlin in the performance of the Veronese artists,” – said Perelygin.

The Ambassador added that the leading Italian media have fed the information about Verona city Council, quoting the Ukrainian position under the General title “Director of the Kremlin – Verona execution or puppets of Putin.”

What kind of party?

The Italian party “Northern League” and now simply “the League” – really long-standing and consistent supporter of rapprochement between Europe and Russia. The party representatives stated that they are ready to achieve recognition of the legitimacy of the annexation of the Crimea, and went to the occupied Peninsula without the permission of Ukraine.

Deputy Secretary of the party Leonardo Fontana urged the Europeans to think about the damage that was inflicted by sanctions against Moscow. Fountain said that the measures taken by the European Union, “to nothing привелb” the pressure on Russia, but caused damage to the Italian companies amounting to about 1 billion euros per year.

He called on Italy to prove himself, raising his voice, and agreed to strongly object to the decision of the EU policy of economic sanctions against Russia.

“It would be better if we had a Putin in Italy”, — said the representative of the party, Matteo Salvini.

It is not surprising that people with such views too worried about the title of honorary citizen of the Italian city for the Ukrainian President.